GT Collection is a premium jewelry brand created by international male model Gasper Tratnik. Our designer handmade jewelry for men combines stylish fashion trends with meaningful cultural elements. We use stunning, powerful gemstones to make luxury jewelry that offers a wide array of benefits. 

Gasper Tratnik makes energy bracelets that harness the powers of different gemstones. According to ancient cultures around the world, certain natural gems can boost strength, wisdom, confidence, balance, luck, immunity, and other spiritual aspects of your being. Gasper has traveled through Europe, Asia, and Africa to learn about different natural stones and the roles they play in global cultures, lifestyles, and traditions. His extensive knowledge and experience allows GT Collection to offer high quality, trendy pieces with significant cultural history and meaning.


We bring you the quality, luxury, and exclusivity you're looking for without the massive retail markups. Direct-to-you designers are able to offer better deals than traditional jewelers. 


GT Collection Beaded Jewelry is handmade with natural semi-precious stones. Gemstones are gifts from the earth that possess unique energies. We use powerful, premium gems that will uplift, surprise, and delight you with the beauty and strength of nature. The healing powers of these gemstones are highly sacred and often used in spiritual rituals. 

GT Collection Energy Bracelets are handcrafted to empower the wearer while looking sleek and effortlessly stylish. Each one-of-a-kind bracelet was made by a skilled artisan, and may therefore vary slightly in size, shape, and color.


Thank you and please feel free to reach out anytime by mail.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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